50 Reasons Why Every Household Should be Using Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Unrefined, organic coconut oil is one food staple I passionately believe everyone should always have on hand. Coconut oil can readily be used in just about any recipe, has extraordinary medicinal and nutritional properties, and can be easily used topically for many applications as well as taken internally, whether in your food dishes or just by spoonful. Keep reading to see just how expansive the health and beauty benefits are of unrefined, organic coconut oil.

Cooking with Coconut Oil

Medicinal, Healing and Health Supporting Benefits of Coconut Oil When Consumed

1. Kills viruses that cause flu, infectious disease, typhoid and even HIV.

2. Rids the body of yeast overgrowth, including Candida.

3. Regulates thyroid function.

4. Stabilizes blood sugar as well as insulin production.

5. Relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. Inhibits parasite growth such as tapeworm, liver flukes, giardia, etc.

7. Kills bacteria causing UTI’s (urinary tract infections) MRSA, staphylococcus, gonorrhea, gum disease and more.

8. Enhances proper bowel function and lowers incidence of hemorrhoids.

9. Relieves and heals intestinal disorders, ulcers, colitis, IBS and Crohn’s disease.

10. Enhances pancreatic function and enzyme production while simultaneously reducing pancreatitis.

11. Eases acid reflux and relieves gallbladder disease symptoms.

12. Improves bone strength and bone density by improving magnesium and calcium absorption in the body.

13. Reduces joint and muscle inflammation while supporting quicker repair of injured and inflamed tissues.

14. Protects against cancer.

15. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil protect the brain against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

16. Soothes earahes when mixed with fresh garlic and olive oil.

17. Stabilizes female hormones reducing PMS and menopausal symptoms.

18. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil strengthen heart and circulatory tissues, protecting against cholesterol, heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

19. Coconut oil’s abundant antioxidants neutralize free radicals, effectively slowing the body’s aging processes and protectin against degenerative diseases.

20. Strengthens the liver, improving its function while protecting against degeneration.

21. In men, coconut oil lessons symptoms associated with prostate enlargement.

22. Reduces incidence and intensity of epileptic seizures.

Coconut Oil for Skin Uses
Medicinal, Healing and Health Supporting Benefits of Using Coconut Oil Topically

23. Removes head lice.

24. Heals nail fungus underneath fingernails and toenails.

25. Prevents nosebleeds by applying a light film inside nostrils.

26. Lessens occurrence and appearance of varicose veins.

27. Topical applications relieve pain and swelling of hemorrhoids.

28. Forms a protective barrier on skin to protect and heal infections.

29. Moisturizes and softens skin.

30. Can be used as a shaving cream/lotion.

31. Reduces bags, puffiness and wrinkles around eyes.

32. Helps prevent, fade and eliminate stretch marks and scars.

33. Heals diaper rash and cradle cap on babies and toddlers.

34. Is a natural sunscreen.

35. Can be used as a natural personal lubricant.

36. Makes a wonderful massage oil – use as-is or as a base ingredient.

37. Soothes sunburned and chafed skin.

38. Stops pain, burning and itching of bug and snake bites.

39. Heals itching and skin inflammation from poison ivy, oak and sumac.

40. Mixed with baking soda, coconut oil makes an effective toothpaste.

41. Heals psoriasis and eczema lesions.

42. Promotes firm skin tone while preventing age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin.

43. Is a natural makeup remover.

44. Is a great all-around hair repair treatment; conditions hair, prevents split ends, reduces fizz, and controls dandruff.


Spoonful of coconut oil
Additional Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Coconut Oil When Taken Internally

45. Increases metabolic rate, stabilizes body’s natural weight set-point and controls food cravings.

46. Enriches milk supply in breast-feeding women.

47. Enhances the body’s absorption of nutrients and improve the digestive processes.

48. Produces immediate, usable energy source rather than being stored as fat.

49. Provides a quick energy source and stimulates sluggish metabolism.

50. Has a high smoking point, making it ideal for cooking use, without forming harmful by-products.

* And lastly, ALWAYS and ONLY use organic, unrefined coconut oil. Never consume refined processed coconut oil or use it on your body.
Bon Veggie Appetit!
Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews