Why Do a Liver Cleanse

The liver is one the most vital organs, which performs numerous vital functions within our body.  It aids in the process of digestion, detoxifies our body, maintains metabolism, hormone manufacturing, glycogen storage, performs protein synthesis, and much more.  The liver also plays a role in the production of bile, which is necessary for proper digestion.  We cannot live without our liver, and we also cannot live in a healthy manner, when our liver is congested and overwhelmed with toxins and wastes.  It is probably one of the most abused organs of the human body, which often results in stubborn weight gain, skin conditions, allergies, chronic fatigue, digestive disturbances and more.  For this reason, it is imperative to do regular liver cleanses for optimal health and well-being.

One of the most vital roles of our liver, is to filter out toxins, metabolic wastes and harmful substances from our body, so that they are not stored in our tissues and start to cause harm.  Unfortunately, with the abundance of chemicals, pollutants, poor dietary and lifestyle habits we have in today’s world, our liver is often overwhelmed in this detoxification process.  The liver can only handle so much, before ill health and imbalances start to manifest within the body, as the accumulation of toxins congest the liver and hamper its function.

Therefore, a liver detox or liver cleansing is needed to reduce this excessive strain put upon the liver, and aid in its smooth and proper function.  The benefits of regular liver cleanses, will ensure that your liver is functioning at peak performance, and those toxins, wastes and other harmful substances are constantly being flushed from your body, instead of being stored in your body tissues.  A liver cleanse is the process of removing  these accumulated impurities from the liver

Herbal liver cleanses are probably the most popular of liver cleansing methods, because they are easy to do, and requires the least amount of effort.   Other liver cleansing methods include juice fasting and liver cleansing diets, which basically eliminates all sugars and trans fats from your diet plan. A liver cleansing diet is abundant in vegetables, fruits, onions, berries, nuts and seeds. Also consumption of water is elevated within this detox diet plan.

Herbs for Liver Health

Dandelion Root – Aids in flushing out excess toxic fluids, stimulating bile production and proper digestive processes.

Silymarin – Helps safeguard the liver cells from the harmful effects of toxins, while stimulating the production of healthy new liver cells.

Chicory – Aids in the stimulation of healthy bile flow, which is necessary for optimal digestive function.

Artichoke – Benefits are similar to that of silymarin, in that it helps safeguard the liver tissues from harm, while stimulating the rejuvenation of healthy replacement liver cells.

Burdock Root – A powerful blood and liver purifier.

This list of herbs for liver health is not all-inclusive, but are definitely some of the most important ones.  In addition to adding some or all of these liver cleansing herbs to your daily regimen, you’ll also want to include plenty of cruciferous vegetables to your diet, such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  These veggies are known for their ability to flush toxins and wastes from the liver, and should be eaten regularly.

You’ll also need to make a commitment to reducing and eliminating processed and fast foods from your diet, as well as reduce and eliminate the amount of chemical products you use in your household.  While we often can’t control the environment as a whole, it is imperative that we do control the personal environments of our home and workplace as much as possible.  Long-term exposure to all these toxic substances can and does have a very real negative impact on our health and well-being.  Liver cleansing needs to be a priority, because good liver health equates to good overall health.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina ‘The Veggie Goddess’ Matthews

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