What to do With Coffee Grounds

So many consumables have second-round uses, and that includes coffee grounds.  Once you’ve had your delicious cup of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, be sure to save that filter full of used coffee grounds, because it can be put to many uses around your house.  ‘Use for coffee grounds?’ you ask.  Yes.  You can use coffee grounds to repel ants, deodorize a fridge, fertilize plants, clean your garbage disposal, and even use as a skin exfoliate.  So, designate a tight-sealing container to hold those used coffee grounds, and keep reading, to find out how you can use them for common household needs.

Coffee Grounds for Plants – Plants thrive on acid-type nutrients, and adding used coffee grounds to your vegetable and flower gardens can help them bloom faster and fuller.  And, not only do coffee grounds add nutrients to the soil, but the caffeine in the grounds also encourages roots to take hold and spread.

Coffee Grounds Ants – Used coffee grounds, are a natural ant repellent.  While the grounds are non-toxic to your garden, grass and yard areas, ants are repelled by both the smell and the acidity.  Sprinkle used grounds on anthills, by doorways, the edge of your house, and anywhere else you are having problems with ant infestation.

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Coffee Grounds to Deodorize – Just as good as baking soda, used coffee grounds are effective at soaking up foul-smelling food odors.  Just keep a small bowl of used grounds in the back area of your fridge, and replace weekly.  The grounds will absorb odors in both the fridge and freezer compartments of your refrigerator.

Coffee Grounds for Skin – Used coffee grounds can rival even the most expensive of department store skin exfoliates.  To make your own kitchen ingredient skin smoother, mix a handful of used coffee grounds with 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Scrub over body and face using a washcloth, then rinse with warm water.  You can make large batches, and keep in a tightly sealed container in your shower, for ready-to-use skin softening.

Coffee Grounds for Garbage Disposal – Yet another way to use used coffee grounds for deodorizing, is to put them down your garbage disposal, followed by a 1 minute hot water rinse.  The constant influx of food remnants, allows for bacteria and odor buildup in your disposal drain.  Flushing used coffee grounds down the disposal drain a couple times a week, destroys lingering bacteria and odors from the disposal drain and pipes, without causing harm to your plumbing.

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