15 Clever Waxed Paper Uses

waxed paper uses

Waxed paper; what can you do with it other than cover up a baking sheet? Well, lots, actually. Some are cooking/kitchen related while many of the other uses are not. Still, waxed paper is an economical and versatile product to keep in your home. Keep reading to discover 15 clever waxed paper uses.

1) Keep your cast iron cookware rust free with waxed paper. After cooking, and while the cookware is still somewhat warm, rub a piece of waxed paper across the cooking surface side. This will transfer the natural lubricant to the cookware surface creating a protective barrier.

2) Keep your garden tools rust-free with waxed paper. Same as with the cast iron cookware, after you’ve finished using your garden tools, wipe off excess dirt and debris and then rub a piece of waxed paper across the surface areas. The lubricant will help repel dirt and prevent rust.

3) Clean your manual can opener with a piece of waxed paper. If your can opener becomes sticky and hard to turn, it is usually due to pressed on food debris. To clean, run the can opener over a piece of waxed paper (I usually fold a strip in half to thicken it). This will loosen and remove caked on food particles while at the same time lubricate the gears.

4) If you have kitchen cabinets that do not extend all the way up to the ceiling, place a layer of waxed paper on the top. The lubricant on the waxed paper will collect and trap dust, cooking grease and other kitchen grime, so all you have to do is discard it once a month and then replace.

5) If you use a waffle iron, place a small piece of waxed paper between the plates for just a couple of minutes as the waffle iron is preheating. This will naturally lubricate the plates, allowing for quick and easy removal of your freshly made waffles.

6) For you cheese eaters out there, after buying cheese, immediately remove it from its plastic wrapping and fold a piece of waxed paper around the block of cheese. Then, fold a piece of tin foil on top of the waxed paper. This will keep your cheese mold-free, while also allowing your cheese to stay moist without sweating.

7) Line the shelves and vegetable bins in your fridge with waxed paper. Instead of having to scrub crusted on food and beverage drippings every few weeks/months, just toss out the soiled waxed paper and line with fresh sheets.

8) If baking at 350 degrees Fahrenheit of below, line your cookie and other baking sheets with waxed paper. This allows for even baking; prevents burnt bottoms of your baked goods; easy of removal from your baking sheets; and easy peasy cleanup.

9) If you have sticky foods that you wish to store in a container; cheese slices; cut brownies; cookies; etc., then layer your food items and separate each layer with a piece of waxed paper. This will prevent your food from becoming one large mashed-together clump.

10) Waxed paper makes an excellent impromptu funnel to use with both liquid and solid foods, and even finely minced fresh herbs and spices, as the lubricant on the waxed paper prevents them from sticking to the sides.

11) Create professional looking cake decorations. Instead of applying frosting letters, flowers and other decorative additions directly to your cakes and other baked treats, pipe out your icing letters or other decorative pieces directly onto a small baking sheet lined with waxed paper and transfer into the freezer to set. Once set, carefully remove the icing decorations from the waxed paper and arrange as desired onto your cake or other baked goods.

12) Keep your stainless steel faucets and other fixtures clean and sparkly in-between major cleanings. Each time after cleaning, rub a piece of waxed paper over the fixture surface areas. This helps to repel dirt and grime, as well as prevent sticking of knobs and levers.

13) Prevent your colored candles from transferring their color onto any other items that they might be stored with. Simply wrap them in a sheet of waxed paper and gently tie or tape closed.

14) Want to make your snow saucer go faster down that amazing snow-covered hill? Just rub a piece of waxed paper across the bottom of the plastic or metal surface. This is also a great trick to use on your snow shovels to prevent the snow from sticking to your shovel blade.

15) Revive water-soaked book pages. Did your book take a dunk in the pool; bathtub or sink? You can save the wet pages by slipping waxed paper between the affected pages and let dry. Once dry, remove the pieces of waxed paper and the pages should be good as new with no sticking.

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Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews