Vegetarian Camping Tips

(article by Sanka Mani)

When going on an active camping trip, planning vegetarian meals is not only a healthy and wholesome choice, it is less likely animals will come foraging for food near your campsite. With some forethought and preparation you can cook many vegetarian meals for your family while camping. Here are some ideas on making camping a pleasant experience for a vegetarian or vegan.

Bring several kinds of grains. Grains are not only easy to cook but fill you up too. A good grain to bring along on a camping trip is the high protein Quinoa. Other grains like rice, bulgur, polenta and couscous provide an ample amount of vitamins and fiber in a vegetarian diet. Dried pasta is another healthy and easy option for meals at a camp. Packaged pasta sauces like pesto are incredibly quick and easy to make while camping.

Root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and jicama can last a long time without refrigeration. They can be wrapped in a foil and cooked over a grill or tossed into several kind of one pot dishes.

Dried herbs and spices have a long shelf life, are light weight and add a lot of flavor to practically all dishes. If you like your food spicy bring red pepper flakes or black pepper to add fire to your recipes.

There are several fruits that can last a few days without going bad. Some of these are oranges, apples and mangoes. Another option is dried fruits like raisins and dates.

Before leaving, make small bags of trail mix with granola, dried fruits and nuts that can be eaten while walking or during other activities.

Canned beans like chick peas and kidney beans don’t require a cooler and provide the meaty texture in many meals.

While camping try to make one pot meals like a vegetarian chili, or a mixed vegetable and bean rice to make clean up easier.

Try to complete as much prep work at home as possible. Bringing precut bags of vegetables and spice blends makes cooking at the campsite a lot easier.

Small tetra packs of soy milk and regular milk are good alternatives to sodas and juices.

Finally, there is always the old stand by, peanut butter and jelly. Cashew butter, nutella or soynut butter are good alternatives too.

(article by Sanka Mani)