Vegan Food Brands

This page is meant to serve the purpose of guiding you to vegan food brands and alternatives. If you know of a vegan food alternative, and don’t see it listed here, feel free to send that info to me via the ‘Contact Us’ page, and I’ll get it posted right away onto this page, so that all the readers of The Veggie Goddess blog can benefit from that information.

Vegan Egg Substitutions:

Ener-G Egg Replacer

Vegan Milk Substitutes:

A general rule of thumb when using vegan milk alternatives, is to use the plain versions vs. the vanilla and chocolate flavored versions. However, there are occasions when using the vanilla or chocolate vegan milks can help kick up the flavor profile in a recipe, such as custards, rice pudding, certain soups, vegan smoothies and certain baked goods.

Rice Milk
Soy Milk
Nut Milk
Coconut Milk
Oat Milk

Here are some brand names that make these vegan milk alternatives:

Soy Dream
Pacific Foods
Rice Dream
Blue Diamond

Vegan Cheese Alternative Brands:

Daiya (probably one of the most meltable as well as flavorful of the vegan cheese brands) *Veggie Goddess favorite

Follow Your Heart (good flavors and melts fairly well)

Teese (melts well, but does have a more processed flavor vs. other vegan cheese brands – think Velveeta)

Sheese (good for ‘cheese’ & crackers and cold dishes, but does not melt well)

Vegan Rella (good choice if you don’t need to melt the ‘cheese’)

Cheezly (similar to Teese brand – slightly more processed flavor & better eaten cold since it doesn’t melt well)

Parma, by Eat in the Raw (vegan parmesan cheese alternative)

Soymage Vegan Parmesan, by Galaxy Nutritional Foods (vegan parmesan alternative)

Additional Vegan Dairy Alternatives:

Tofutti brand makes a delicious vegan sour cream and cream cheese.

Earth Balance brand makes a vegan butter / margarine.

Vegenaise brand makes several vegan mayonnaise options.

Spectrum brand makes a vegan shortening alternative, that is non-hydrogenated.

Soy-Delicious brand makes coconut and soy-based yogurt, as well as coconut and soy-based creamer & ice-cream.

Silk brand also makes soy-based yogurt, creamer and a fruit & protein drink.

Vegan Meat Alternative Brands:

Trader Joe’s
Morningstar Farms (Updated 2/22/2013: It appears that Morningstar Farms no longer has a selection of vegan meat substitutes.)
Health is Wealth
Gimme Lean
Smart Deli
Smart Ground
Smart Bacon


Additional Vegan Food Brands:

Back to Nature

Edward & Sons



Luna Bars

Alternative Baking Company

Cascadian Farm

Foods Alive

Walnut Acres

Seeds of Change

Now and Zen


Santa Cruz Organic

Muir Glen

Natural Feast

Loma Linda

Natural Touch

Vegan Beer, Wine & Spirits:

Vegan Alcohol Directory (look up vegan beers, wines and liquor brands)

Veggie Goddess

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I did some research, and it appears that the selection of Morningstar Farms products that were vegan, have since had their ingredients modified, and, you are indeed correct, they contain eggs (some egg whites, some whole eggs). I will go ahead and update the vegan product page.


Morning star farms are NOT vegan they do in fact have egg whites in them. Please keep an eye on the ingredients list when buying meat alternative. 🙂

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