Magical Uses of Coconut Oil for Natural Weight Loss, Skin Care and Optimal Health

Magical Uses of Coconut Oil

There is so much goodness to be had from coconut oil that many a book has been written on the subject. Coconut oil should be in every household, not just for it’s extraordinary benefits in cooking but also for the plethora of additional health benefits it offers, such as weight loss, skin care, anti-aging, immune support and keeping dangerous diseases and even cancer at bay.

Now, before I get to listing all the amazing uses for coconut oil, I want to strongly inject the need to ONLY use virgin, unrefined coconut oil. The process used to make refined coconut oil creates a product that is toxic to our body, both internally and externally, so never use refined coconut oil.

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COCONUT OIL AND WEIGHT LOSS: Probably one of the most popular uses of coconut oil is for its natural weight loss effects. But, how exactly does coconut oil contribute to natural weight loss? Here’s how.

1) Coconut oil is a rich source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), a unique type of healthy fat that stimulates the thyroid to produce more of a key fat-burning hormone “thyroxine”. Consuming coconut oil with meals boosts metabolism by as much as 56% for up to 5 hours!

2) The MCFA’s in coconut oil slow the release of blood sugar into the bloodstream, thereby helping to prevent blood-sugar fluctuations.

3) The MCFA’s in coconut oil act as a natural appetite suppressant, keeping you full and satisfied for hours after consuming due to the triggering of hunger-suppressing hormones. And, those who consume MCFA’s with meals have been shown to consume up to 15% fewer calories naturally do to this powerful effect.

Coconut Oil Skin and Body Care

COCONUT OIL AND SKIN CARE: The business of cosmetics and skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, about 95% of those products lining store shelves and waiting to be bought online are dangerous concoctions of chemicals, artificial colorings and synthetic fragrances that do a thousand times more damage to your skin than if you just had foregone using them. Using just one 100% natural product (unrefined coconut oil) you have a treasure chest of skin remedies at your fingertips.

1) Use a thin layer of coconut oil as a natural whole body moisturizer.

2) Use a thicker layer of coconut oil before heading outdoors for natural sunscreen protection that actually nourishes your skin.

3) Rub onto areas of athletes foot and jock itch, for steroid-free healing of fungal cells that are responsible for both of these conditions. For severe cases, apply coconut oil liberally 3 times a day and then put on a pair of socks. Additionally, you want to take 1-3 tablespoons of coconut oil internally as well.

4) Use in place of shaving cream when shaving legs, underarms and even your face. Coconut oil is especially good for those with highly sensitive skin, which is usually just reacting to the chemicals being applied to it, as well as internal imbalances.

5) Use as a natural conditioner and deep conditioning treatment for hair. When using for just everyday conditioning use, use in a SMALL amount and dilute with water. When using as a deep conditioning treatment, use alone or mixed with raw honey (never processed honey) and fresh brewed tea (such as chamomile, black tea, hibiscus, etc.) for an intensely healing treatment to scalp and hair.

6) You can even apply coconut oil to bruises and minor scrapes and abrasions for extra-fast healing with little to no scarring.



Coconut Oil Health

COCONUT OIL AND INTERNAL HEALTH: For non-cooking benefits of coconut oil most people immediately think of all the externally applied uses of coconut oil. But, when taken internally on a regular basis (either by spoonful or with meals and beverages) it offers a range of health boosting benefits and diseases-diminishes benefits that greatly supersedes what dangerous pharmaceuticals and reactive health care options can ever accomplish. Coconut oil offers you natural health and wellbeing, just be making it a regular part of your diet and body care regimen.

1) Coconut oil is a superhero when it comes to immune system support. The cocktail of amazing compounds found in coconut oil effectively neutralize bacteria, fungi and viruses, helping to keep your body free of colds, flu, food poisoning and other body infections, including stubborn Candida. Use it regular for maintenance and prevention, and ramp up the dosage whenever you “feel” something coming on to stop the germs from taking hold in your body.

2) Some studies indicate that the regular consumption of coconut oil has been shown to help break down painful kidney stones so that they may pass painlessly without the need for surgery.

3) Coconut oil contains beneficial saturated fat, the healthy kind that the body actually requires, and can actually support your levels of good cholesterol (HDL – which your body needs) while at the same time lowering your levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

4) Keep your teeth healthy and stronger longer, by using coconut oil regularly. The oil’s beneficial cocktail of antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-viral properties along with the rich stores of unique antioxidants keep teeth and gums healthy and disease-free. For optimal tooth and gum care, use coconut oil both topically as well as internally.

5) Preliminary studies are showing that coconut oil may effectively increase bone density, making it a great preventative against osteoporosis.

6) Coconut oil is also showing in studies to be an effective deterrent against Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related brain decline. Additionally, coconut oil has proved effective in increased focus, memory and mood with regular use of 1-3 tablespoons daily for most people.

7) The MCFA’s found in coconut oil are powerfully effective at lubricating joints and their surrounding tissues, thereby helping to significantly reduce aches and pains associated with arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia and even minor physical injuries.

8) The combination of MCFA’s and nutrients found in coconut oil make it a superior energy booster that can replace dangerous energy and sports drinks as well as over-consumption of coffee. Additionally, for those suffering from chronic fatigue and mild depression, the natural energy-boosting effects derived from regularly taking coconut oil can prove to be quite life-changing.

As you can see, regularly cooking, consuming and applying virgin, unrefined coconut oil can ensure you a healthy, natural health and overall wellbeing.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina “The Veggie Goddess”