Medicinal Honey

There is probably nobody who hasn’t heard, or been told that honey is good for you.  For some, you may know specifically why honey is so medicinal and healthy, while others just “know” it’s good for you.  This article outlines the very long list of benefits to be derived from honey.

Raw vs. Pasteurized

While it’s 100% true that honey holds many, many health virtue’s, these health virtues can ONLY come from raw, unheated honey.   Honey does NOT have the same health virtues when it’s been pasteurized, and means that the health benefits of honey does NOT come from the cute bear-shaped squeeze bottle found in every supermarket.

Before going into detail of the amazing health benefits to be gained from Raw, Unheated Honey (the way nature intended it), let’s just quickly explain why pasteurized honey cannot realize these same benefits.  Honey should NEVER be boiled, heated or cooked.  It has been found that cooked or boiled honey has a deformed molecular structure, turning it into a toxic glue-like substance, that sticks to the channels within your body and, this ‘glue-like substance’ can contribute to disease and ill health.  I used to use raw honey as a substitute for various other called-for sweet ingredients in baked goods before I knew this.  Given this fact, I no longer bake with raw honey either, and instead use prunes, applesauce or stevia as a sweet ingredient substitute.

So, all health and wellness benefits explained throughout this article, only refers to the use of Raw, Unheated Honey.  Raw unheated honey is very medicinal.  Raw, unheated honey can be found at any natural health market, as well as found online from reputable vendors.

Benefits of Raw Honey

 * Honey is the only food substance that does not spoil.  It does not need to be pasteurized.  This heating and filtering process, only makes it look clear, and people mistakenly think that clearer is better.  In other words, it’s done for marketing purposes.

* Honey is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

* Before the discovery and use of insulin, homeopathic physicians successfully treated diabetics with raw honey, after taking them off sugar.  The Indians of northern Mexico, developed cases of diabetes as they gave up the consumption of raw honey and replaced it with sugar.  Tribal Medicine Men, sensing the connection, took their people off sugar and fed them raw honey dissolved in tea brewed with Manzanilla (olive leaf) plant.  In all but extreme cases, the diabetic symptoms vanished or decreased markedly.  Diabetics and those suffering from hypoglycemia, should consult a professional naturopath before attempting to use raw honey for such benefit.

* A teaspoon of honey given to children at bedtime, acts as a mild sedative, and helps avoid bed wetting. (never give honey to children under 3 years of age)

* Honey has been long known for it’s ability to boost athlete’s performance levels.  In fact in the days of ancient Olympics, athletes were trained on a diet rich in raw honey and figs.

* Studies have shown honey to be a more effective cough suppressant then dextromethorphan.

* Honey has a very alkalizing effect on the body.

* Honey doesn’t ferment in the stomach, and can be used to counter acid-indigestion.

* When honey is mixed with ginger and lemon (in water slightly warmer than room temperature), it will quickly relieve nausea, and boost energy.

* The regular intake of honey, reduces muscle cramps.  Cramps occur, when the calcium present in the blood is at a lower level, while the phosphorus level is high.  By taking honey, the required levels are balanced out.

* Raw honey has been successfully used to treat anemia, because of it’s simple sugars and trace minerals such as iron and copper.  Dr. H.A. Schuette of the University of Wisconsin has written, “The hemoglobin which we build from our food, has the power of carrying oxygen to the tissues of our bodies.  Without iron content, hemoglobin would not have the power of holding oxygen.  Copper has the power of unlocking the therapeutic quality of iron, in restoring the hemoglobin content of the blood of patients affected with anemia.”

* Raw honey has a long history of traditional use in treating all sorts of intestinal ailments, because of its ability to destroy bacteria.

* When the sugar content in the blood decreases, extreme fatigue is felt and the heart beat slows down.  Raw honey has been used with great success, in the treatment of weak heartbeat and the overcoming of fatigue.  In India, it is common knowledge that raw honey will strengthen a weak heart, weak brain and a weak stomach.

* Raw honey has many essential enzymes necessary for proper digestion and elimination.  All of these necessary enzymes are destroyed by heat, therefore ANY honey that has been pasteurized does not contain any of these vital enzymes.

* Raw honey is an excellent wound healer.  It’s antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties destroy any harmful pathogen, and raw honey’s structure makes for superior skin mending.

* Raw honey does not cause blood sugar spikes like pasteurized honey or regular sugar does, thereby keeping blood sugar and insulin levels more stable.

* Raw honey helps lower triglycerides, while pasteurized honey will increase them.

* For a glowing and youthful complexion, mix a TBSP of raw honey with 1-2 TBSP of sweet almond oil, extra virgin olive oil, or jojoba oil, and apply to entire face and neck area after cleansing.  Leave on for 30 minutes, and then wash off with cool or tepid water.  To make a wonderful face mask, mix some green or bentonite clay with water and raw honey.  Leave on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing.

* An old and time-tested remedy for the treatment of gout, arthritis and various nervous disorders, is the combining of raw honey with unfermented grape juice.

* Raw honey has been used as an effective home remedy in Ayurverdic medicine to help dissolve fat, for thousands of years.  Raw honey scrapes away and dissolves fat deposits.  Fat by nature is oily.  Honey has opposite qualities to fat.  Raw honey has a drying, astringent quality on fat, helping to dissolve it.  To make raw honey a part of a healthy weight loss protocol, when you wake up in the morning, mix 1-2 tsps of raw honey with warm distilled water, along with a squeeze of fresh lemon.  (real lemon only)

Yes, life can be both sweet and healthy.  Just make sure you get your sweetness from Raw, Unheated Honey, and you’ll surely enjoy the many medicinal benefits it has to offer.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina ‘The Veggie Goddess’ Matthews


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