Tips For Taking Various Supplement Forms

Most supplements come in a variety of forms, to allow for individual preference and need.  They are also prepared with different quantities of the active ingredients, so do be sure to read your labels carefully, to ensure that you are getting the correct quantity for your needs.


Many supplements come in powder form, which will usually provide you with extra potency, with no binders or additives.  This is useful for people with allergies, those who find it difficult to swallow a tablet or capsule, and those just wanting their supplement in its most potent and purest form.  Powdered-form supplements are particularly useful for children.  You can easily sprinkle a little powder into their juice, yogurt, or other meal item.


Capsule supplements are easy to take, store and transport.  Fat-soluble vitamins are normally taken in capsule form, but many contain vitamin and mineral powders, which allow for a higher potency.  Garlic and evening primrose oil are commonly available as capsules, and the capsules can be broken apart and applied externally as well, and as necessary.

Liquid Supplements

These are very appropriate for those who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules.  Many children’s supplements are offered in liquid form for easy administration.  Liquid supplements can be mixed with food or stirred into drinks.  Do continue to be vigilant on label-reading, to ensure that your liquid supplement doesn’t contain a host of additives and unnecessary fillers.


Many supplements come in tablet form, and these are the most practical for most people because they can easily be stored, and they will keep for a longer amount of time.  Again, check the label to see what, if any, additional form of binders or fillers might have been added to the supplement.  You don’t want to buy a bottle of “sand” (silica) or other typical filler or binder, which crowds out the active ingredient.  This is typical of bulk, cheap buys at your local discount store.  It may sound like a fabulous bargain, but you DO get what you pay for.

Reading The Label

Supplements work in different ways, and you will need to understand some of the key words that appear on the labels in order to choose which are most suitable for you.

Chelated – is a term which appears on mineral supplements, and it means that the mineral is combined with amino acids to make assimilation more efficient.  Most nutritionists recommend taking chelated minerals, because they are 3-5 times more effective.

Time-Release Formula – These are created with a process that allows them to be released into the body over an 8-10 hour period.  These are particularly useful for water-soluble vitamins, and any excess is excreted from your body daily.  Time-release formulas are also reputed to provide stable blood levels during the day and night.

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