Tips to Keep the Kitchen Safe While Cooking

(article by Martin Gandhi)

There are many safety factors you should consider when cooking in your kitchen. It is very important to keep your kitchen safe for both the cook and the people eating the meal. The kitchen should be kept safe and sanitary at all times. You should also practice safety while cooking in the kitchen with knives and appliances. This is important for your welfare and the welfare of those you are cooking for.

Safe Kitchen-Benefits

• Healthy meals and foods prepared

• No injuries to the cook

• No injuries to others who might enter the kitchen while you are cooking

• Fewer food borne illnesses

Your first priority as a cook is to provide healthy meals and foods that are free of food borne illnesses to your friends and family. This can only be achieved through keeping a safe and sanitary kitchen. You also want to avoid injuries, not just for your own sake but for the sake of the food you are preparing. If you cut yourself with a knife, you will have to throw out the food you were cutting when the injury occurred. In addition, a safe kitchen prevents injuries to others who may enter the kitchen while you are cooking.

Top Ways to Keep the Kitchen Safe While Cooking

· Clean all surfaces as you go

· Clean dishes or put them in the sink as you go

· Use caution when using sharps and keep them in a safe place away from children

· Keep pot and pan handles inward so that they cannot be knocked off or pulled off the stove by accident

It is very important to clean your surfaces and dishes as you cook. This keeps your work space clean and sanitary, and safe for food. This is especially important when you are working with poultry or beef, as these foods can contain harmful bacterias that you do not want to transfer to other foods.

You should also be very careful about using sharp knives, and keep them in a safe place where they cannot be knocked off or reached by children. In addition, you should keep the handles of pots and pans turned inward toward the stove so that they cannot be knocked off or pulled down by someone passing through the kitchen or a child. This will help prevent burns and protect your food from being dumped on the floor.

Common Blunders to Avoid

· Leaving knives on the edge of the counter while cooking

· Not watching your hands while cutting, chopping or dicing

· Turning pan handles to the outside of the stove

· Not cleaning thoroughly after dealing with beef or poultry before getting out other foods

You should never leave knives on the edge of the counter when you are finished using them, even if you plan to use them again. This is an accident waiting to happen, as you could brush the knife onto the floor while walking past the counter and cause injury.

Children may also come into the kitchen and be able to reach the knives. You should also exercise caution while you are using knives, and watch your hands and the food closely as you chop or cut. In addition, to keep a safe kitchen you must keep handles turned inward so that accidents do not occur. In order to avoid illnesses, you will need to clean surfaces and dishes thoroughly before moving on to other foods when working with beef and poultry.

Why Kitchen Needs Periodic Cleaning

Your kitchen needs periodic thorough cleaning, generally every day or every other day. You should clean your kitchen as you cook and eat meals, but a deeper clean should be achieved regularly as well. This means that you must scrub all the counters and appliances, sweep and mop the floor, and scrub out the sinks. Everything should also be disinfected. By cleaning your kitchen periodically, you will be able to maintain a safe and sanitary environment in which to cook healthy meals for your family.

Can Professionals Help?

· Housekeepers

· Cooks

Housekeepers can help you maintain a safe and sanitary kitchen by coming in to do periodic cleanings. These professionals know exactly what needs to be done to keep your kitchen safe. They also have organization skills that can allow your kitchen to be organized and kept in a safe manner. Cooks can also help by coming into your home and teaching you kitchen skills and safety.

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(article by Martin Gandhi)