Raw Juice Therapy to Kick-Start Weight Loss

Obesity, and excess adipose tissue deposited throughout the body, especially around the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, is often owed to excessive consumption of refined starch and sugar, as well as habitual consumption of incompatible food combinations.  Obesity is sometimes due to glandular disorders, however this is more rare than marketing attempts will lead you to believe, in an attempt to sell you on surgery and dangerous prescription drugs.  Excess weight is often the direct result of poor dietary habits, and therefore is often easily corrected by nutritional therapy.

Fasting, cleansing and detox protocols, as well as colonic irrigation are very helpful and recommended first steps in correcting both obesity and glandular disorders that result in being overweight, followed by nutritional therapy.

The following, are highly recommended juice therapies that will kick-start weight loss, including those stubborn last 10-15 pounds.  These juicing remedies are also recommended for keeping your body in proper acid – alkaline balance, as well as maintaining optimal digestive health.  You may use them at any time, and ideally you’ll want to regularly include juicing into your healthy nutritional lifestyle.

If you have never consumed fresh, raw juices before, you may wish to wait until the weekend to try them, for they will help speed things along in your digestive system, and you’ll be spending a bit of extra time in the restroom, so plan accordingly.  Once your body gets used to fresh, raw juices, you can easily consume them at any time.  Any diarrhea you may experience in the beginning, is you body purging toxic waste, which is what you want, so welcome these extra trips to the bathroom.

Carrot Juice

Raw carrot juice cleanses the entire digestive tract of morbid wastes, detoxifies the liver, and balances the endocrine system, all of which help cure and prevent obesity.  Drink 16 – 32 oz daily.

Carrot – Beet – Cucumber Juice

A major symptom of obesity is severe acidosis of blood and tissues.  This juice blend offers potent alkalizing properties, which will help bring proper pH balance to your bloodstream and kidneys, thus promoting efficient metabolism and excretion of wastes.  The ideal blend ratio is 1 part beet; 1 part cucumber; and 3 parts carrot. Drink 16 – 32 oz daily.


Raw spinach is one of nature’s best antidotes for lower bowel stagnation, which is a common cause of obesity.  Consume raw in salads or mix 6 oz raw spinach juice with 8-10 oz raw carrot juice.  Drink 16 – 32 oz daily.

Cabbage Juice

Raw cabbage juice detoxifies the stomach and upper bowels of putrefied wastes, thereby improving digestive efficiency and facilitating rapid elimination.  Mix half-and-half with raw carrot juice.  Drink 8 – 16 oz daily.

Other Beneficial Foods

All RAW vegetables and RAW fruits, which provide the active enzymes, organic alkaline minerals and moist raw fiber required for digestive and metabolic efficiency.

Foods To Avoid

Avoid refined sugars, starchy foods, especially white breads and pastries; overcooked meats; fatty meats; pasteurized milk; alochol; chemically-laden foods.

Sorry, but you will NOT get these benefits from consuming bottled or canned juices, which have been pasteurized and processed.  This processing destroys ALL the enzymes contained in the fruits and vegetables, which is where much of the healing benefits come from.  Quality juicers are much more affordable these days, and you can easily find one in your price range.  Adding a juicer to your kitchen is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina ‘The Veggie Goddess’ Matthews

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