5 Types of Medicinal Mushrooms and Surprising Ways They Can Boost Your Health

Medicinal Mushrooms

(article by Andreea Nica – AlterNet.org)

Understanding how food interacts with our bodies and the role it plays in healing various health conditions can be helpful. Whether food is used as part of a medical treatment or a prevention-focused diet, knowledge is power. Though some may disregard medicinal food, medical researchers have proven how prescriptive diets have been used to minify health risks. One such functional food is mushrooms. There are currently 38,000 discovered and classified species of mushrooms that hold medicinal benefits.

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5 Super Healthy and Surprising Plant Based Food Substitutions

5 Super Healthy and Surprising Plant Based Food Substitutions

Maintaining a plant-based diet as your nutritional mainstay will reward your health and wellbeing in so many ways, you can’t imagine. And, you can incorporate many a plant based food option as a healthy food swap in your favorite guilty pleasure recipes or other recipes that need some diversion around food allergies or other food ingredient you are wishing to reduce or eliminate from your diet.

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How MSG Hides in Plain Sight on Food Labels


MSG on food labels

With the constant battle for exposure to GMO ingredients, it pales in comparison to the many sneaky ways MSG is added and labeled in the majority of foods that line grocery story shelves today. AND, what better way to hide MSG from conscientious consumers than to hide it in plain sight. While you might think that MSG should be easy to spot on a food product label, think again. Thanks to unscrupulous lobbyists and laughable FDA standards, MSG can be called by many a different name for the sake of food product labeling, and in fact, is.

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6 Powerful Medicinal Healing Herbs Everyone Should be Using

Medicinal Herbs

Mother Nature in all her infinite wisdom has supplied us humans with a plethora of amazing, medicinal healing herbs. The plant kingdom not only supplies us humans with life and health sustaining nature made foods, it also supplies us with nature made healing and can be as close and readily available as our very own indoor or outdoor gardens.

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Resistant Starch and Weight Loss

Resistant Starch and Weight Loss 1

In today’s world you’ll find every type of diet promoted, and unfortunately, most of them demonize carbohydrates. While ANY and ALL junk food-related carbs should be avoided or minimally eaten, your body could not function without a minimal amount of healthy carbohydrates. That being said, there is a unique class of carbohydrates called “resistant starch” that includes many healthy and delicious carbohydrate food selections, PLUS, they have the added bonus of boosting metabolism and supporting healthy weight loss.

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4th of July Safety Tips for Pets


4th of July Pet Safety

While Fourth of July celebrations can be quite enjoyable and exciting for us humans, for animals it can be quite stressing and even hazardous to their health and well-being. Fireworks, backyard cookouts, alcoholic beverages, mosquito repellant candles, lighters, matches and ‘glow’ jewelry are all part of the holiday fun…again, for humans, not for pets. In fact, all of these things pose as stress triggers, toxic agents and health hazards to our beloved 4-legged family members. To help keep your pets safe this Fourth of July holiday, browse through the following Fourth of July safety tips for pets.

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7 Reasons to Quit Drinking Soda

7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking Soda

Soda pop drinks. They are heavily marketed and heavily consumed. They are also evil saboteurs to one’s health. Regulars soda drinkers risk ill-fated health affects, that can easily be avoided just by choosing to not drink these toxic concoctions. There are relatively few ingredients in most soda drinks. The basics being caffeinated water, phosphoric acid, sugar or sugar substitute, and chemical flavorings, additives and preservatives.

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Quick Reference Fresh Herb Guide

Quick Reference Fresh Herb Guide

Fresh herbs are my number one favorite way to liven up dishes. The second you chop or cut fresh herbs they release a plethora of wonderful aromas and essential oils to impart food, turning bland dishes into amazing dishes. I grow fresh herbs year round indoors and they are easy for even those who are green thumb challenged to grow. Fresh herbs are far superior to dried, and if you do a side by side comparison of the same dish prepared one with fresh herbs and one with dried herbs, it’s a hands down no competition which yields the better flavor. Continue reading to check out the following quick reference fresh herb guide for all the most common and easy to grow and use herbs.

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Flavored Water Recipes

Flavored Water Recipes

Water should always be your most consumed beverage. In fact, for optimal health, weight maintenance and disease prevention, you should aim to drink 1/2 of your body weight in water each and every day. Now, so many people tell me that they don’t like to drink water because it has no flavor, and typically this is from people who’s taste buds have been corrupted by sugar and chemical additives from eating fast and processed foods. The cleaner your diet, the more you will truly enjoy a refreshing glass of plain water.

Now, that being said, flavoring water NATURALLY is easy and can impart your water with a wealth of nutrients from the fresh fruits, fresh veggies and fresh herbs that you infuse your water with. Naturally flavored waters are especially refreshing during the warm summer months, but can certainly be enjoyed any time of the year. And, if you’re trying to lose weight and / or cellulite, these easy flavored water recipes should definitely be your go-to beverage to assist your body with waste and toxin removal.

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5 Delicious Ways to Liven Up Rice

12 Delicious Ways to Liven Up Rice

Rice comes in a wide range of varieties and is a staple in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. And, yes, it certainly is pretty plain when cooked as-is. However, making rice pop with flavor is so easy, and you can accommodate all palate preferences. Keeping reading to find out how you can easily and deliciously make crowd wowing rice that will have your family and dinner guests asking you for your rice “trick”.

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