6 Powerful Medicinal Healing Herbs Everyone Should be Using

Medicinal Herbs

Mother Nature in all her infinite wisdom has supplied us humans with a plethora of amazing, medicinal healing herbs. The plant kingdom not only supplies us humans with life and health sustaining nature made foods, it also supplies us with nature made healing and can be as close and readily available as our very own indoor or outdoor gardens.

No, you don’t need to travel to a remote rain forest to take advantage of the healing powers that are offered by these common and easy to grow herbs. Whether you grow them in your outdoor garden, or indoors on your window sill, health and ailment remedies can always be at your fingertips. Additionally, any and all of the following 6 herbs can easily be regularly consumed for maximum benefits just be adding them to your daily healthy dishes, including desserts and beverages.


Garlic – Probably the number one herb people think of when it comes to herbal remedies, fresh garlic is loaded with natural antibiotic properties that combined with 20 other germ-killing compounds, make it as effective as penicillin! Garlic fortifies your defenses by stimulating infection-fighting T-cells. Consuming just a single fresh garlic clove daily is proven to decrease your risk of being sick by 60% or more. Garlic also boasts tremendous cardiac-boosting properties, including the ability to lower levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) by as much as 12%.

Oregano 1

Oregano – Probably the second most popular of fresh herbs, this is one heck of a powerhouse herb. Fresh oregano contains more antioxidants than apples, blueberries or even spinach. Oregano is proven to combat ulcers and even food poisoning due to its amazing antibacterial properties which can effectively kill H.pylori, the number 1 cause of stomach ulcers and the leading culprit behind food poisoning, including E. coli and salmonella. Additionally, oregano has been shown to encourage cancer cells to self-destruct, making this herb a must-have in your nutritional cancer-prevention arsenal.


Rosemary – A stellar herb standout when it comes to maintaining and boosting brain health, rosemary has been proven to decrease brain fog while boosting concentration, memory recall and mood. Additionally, scientists have discovered unique compounds found in rosemary that strengthen neural connections in the brain, safeguarding against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This pungent herb gets an A+ when it comes to protecting the brain against age-related damage and conditions while at the same time delaying and even reversing already existing symptoms.



Sage 1

┬áSage – This yummy herb is a superior hormone and mood balancer for women. Sage contains unique compounds that mimic estrogen in the body, helping to ease hormone-triggered irritability as well as menstrual cramps, period pain and menopausal symptoms. Additionally, its volatile oils and tannins help to relieve hot flashes and night flashes as well as boosts mood by slowing down the breakdown of acetylcholine, a calming neurotransmitter that improves mood.


Thyme – This oh-so-versatile herb is tops for oral care. In fact, it’s main compound is so effective at combating and guarding against gingivitis, that it is used in most mouthwashes. Protecting against dangerous mouth bacteria is very important. Gingivitis doesn’t only inflame gums and makes them swollen and bleed, if left unchecked, gingivitis also creates dangerous plaque that can travel to arteries, triggering heart disease. And, for acne sufferers, thyme is proven to heal and prevent acne even better than benzoyl peroxide.


Marjoram – Did you know that sweet marjoram is brimming with both calcium and bone-boosting vitamin K, both necessary in the prevention against osteoporosis. Additionally, marjoram’s natural anti-inflammatory compounds help repair damaged cartilage, keeping joints cushioned so you can avoid arthritis-related pain and swelling. As an added benefit, marjoram’s high vitamin K content, along with its iron and healing vitamin C, work synergistically to help shrink capillaries and erase bruises, spider and varicose veins.

Fresh herbs do more than just add amazing flavor and depth to food, they provide amazing health benefits as well. So why not take advantage of Mother Nature’s medicinal herbs and grow some or all of these herbs in your indoor and outdoor gardens.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews