Tips on How to Stay Cool in Hot Weather

Summer temperatures are extreme from coast-to-coast, but, there are many easy tips and tricks, to help keep you cool when the mercury is stuck in the ‘HOT’ position.  And, no swimming pool required.

Aloe Vera – You don’t need to have a sunburn, to smooth on the aloe.  One of the very same reasons aloe vera helps to immediately squash the discomfort and burn of sunburn, can also help to bring you relief from the heat.  Studies have shown that aloe vera penetrates skin cells 500% better than water.  And, not only does aloe vera cool skin on contact, it actually cools skin 5 times better than a cold shower!  Keep a couple of bottles of aloe vera gel in your fridge, and the next time the summer heat starts to get to you, just smooth on this temperature-lowering cactus, for immediate relief.  And, be sure to bring some aloe along for all those summer outings and activities, for heat relief on-the-go.

Set Your Ceiling Fan to Counterclockwise – Did you know, that running your ceiling fans backwards (counterclockwise) during the warm temperature months, can lower a rooms temperature by an average of 4 degrees.  So, not only will you save on energy costs by not having to run your air-conditioner as cold, but the counterclockwise movement of the fan pushing the cool air downward, creates a room-cooling wind-chill effect.  If you have a table or stand-fan, that you can adjust the fan blade direction on, you’ll want to set those to counterclockwise as well.  Table and stand fans set to counterclockwise, and set on ‘low’ speed (1 mph) can lower a rooms temperature by 2-3 degrees.  Setting a table or stand fan to medium or high setting, can lower a rooms temperature as efficiently as a ceiling fan, if run in counterclockwise direction.

Apply Ice Here – 50% of body heat is stored in your head, and, in the summer months, heat is reported to be the number one cause of sleep disruption.  So, keeping your head cool will not only help you feel better while awake, it will help ensure a sound night’s rest as well.  To quickly cool down your body temperature, apply an insulated ice-pack with crushed ice to the back of your neck for 5-10 minutes.  You can do this several times throughout the day.  Additionally, there are various pillows inserts that you can keep in your fridge or freezer, and pop into your pillowcase at night before bed.  Studies have shown that this helps over-heated sleepers fall asleep up to 70% faster, vs sleepers who didn’t use these chill inserts.

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Wear Blue – While researchers are puzzled on the specifics to how this works, it has been proven that when wearing the color blue, our body temperature instantly goes down.  And, for even more amazing blue benefits, wearing a blue dress or shirt in the sun, boosts sunburn protection by an incredible 544%!  The reason is, the sun’s ultraviolet rays actually ‘bounce’ off the color blue, so they can’t penetrate your skin.

Cool Your Wrists – Another simple way to immediately bring down your body’s core temperature, is to run cold water on the inside of your wrists for 2 minutes.  Alternately, you can rest a couple ice cubes, or a cold pack on your inner wrists as well.  Your inner wrists contain larger vessels with fast-moving blood, and chilling this location, helps to quickly circulate this cooler blood throughout the rest of your body.  This is a great trick to do while out and about enjoying summer activities.  You can cool down quick, by splashing cold water on your wrists in the closest restroom or water drinking fountain.

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