Got Thyroid Issues? Stay Away from This Common Food Ingredient

symptoms of thyroid imbalance

The number of people, especially women, who suffer from some form of mild to severe thyroid issue is staggering. Like many health maladies, the corruption of our food supply has had a direct hand in instigating a huge and very unnecessary amount of these life altering health conditions. Recently, studies have isolated a food substance that should be avoided by those suffering from thyroid conditions, as it appears to be one of the top instigators of thyroid disruption in the body.


Whether you’ve been officially diagnosed with a thyroid condition, or highly suspect that you have some degree of thyroid imbalance, you want to avoid gluten in your diet. Yes, gluten should be avoided as much as possible, and here’s why.

When you eat gluten a process occurs in your body called molecular mimicry. Gluten’s molecular makeup intimately resembles that of the thyroid gland, and when this molecular makeup enters your bloodstream it spurs your immune system to acknowledge it as dangerous and floods your body with antibodies to destroy it. This is okay once in a while. However, with repeated exposure to gluten, this can cause your body to start to attack and breakdown your thyroid tissue. If you already suffer from a moderate to severe form of thyroid imbalance, this means that every time you ingest gluten your immune system is further breaking down your thyroid tissue.

Additionally, regular consumption of gluten prevents the uptake of nutrients in your body and wrecks havoc on your digestive lining, setting you up for risk of acquiring detrimental auto immune diseases down the road. This is something to be highly cognizant of even if you don’t currently suffer from any thyroid imbalances. Why? Because EVERY cell in the human body has receptors for thyroid hormone, and when your thyroid starts to malfunction, many other things your body will start to malfunction too.


Symptoms of thyroid imbalance include:

weight gain

inability to lose weight

intolerance to cold

dry skin

brittle nails

frizzy hair

thinning eyebrows



sleep disturbances

menstrual and fertility issues

and more……..

To avoid or correct a debilitating thyroid issue, start by adopting a gluten free diet. For bread lovers, start learning how to make delicious gluten free food alternatives, and swap out your gluten saturated breads with sprouted grain options (sprouted grain buns and tortillas are digested as a vegetable, not a starch). Additionally romaine lettuce is my favorite lettuce wrap choice since it’s sturdy enough to hold lots of ingredients while still easy to fold or roll.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews