5 Food Pairings That Double and Even Triple Their Health Benefits

Spinach and Walnuts

How would you like to triple the weight loss effects of a certain food just by pairing it with another certain food? How would you like to keep cancer at bay by combining two powerfully nutritious and popular foods? You can do just that, plus a whole lot more, by utilizing the following 5 easy food pairings that effortlessly double and even triple weight loss efforts, cancer-fighting benefits, memory-boosting benefits, germ-protection benefits and even pain-relief benefits.

Combine Spinach and Walnuts to Triple Weight Loss Benefits: Spinach is rich in the potent compound lipoic acid, which prompts cells to burn fat for fuel so efficiently that eating just 3 cups a week can help trim away 5% of your weight in just 6 months. However, when you combine spinach with walnuts, it can triple your body’s absorption of the slimming lipoic acid compound.

Fresh Garlic and Onions

Combine Garlic and Onions to Keep Cancer Away: Eating either fresh garlic or onions by themselves can help keep cancer cells at bay. However, when you combine fresh garlic and onion at a ratio of 1 garlic clove to 2 tablespoons of fresh onions, you can put the brakes on tumor growth and cut your risk of cancer by almost 50%!


Flaxseed and Berries

Combine Flaxseed and Berries to Maximize Memory: Berries are loaded with the brain-healing compound anthocyanins, and eating just 1 cup of fresh or frozen berries daily can put a significant slowing to brain aging, plus spur a 100% improvement in short-term memory function. However, you can boost those benefits even further and double your body’s absorption of anthocyanins just by sprinkling 1 tablespoon of fresh ground flaxseed onto your berries.


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Green Tea with Fresh Lemon

Combine Fresh Brewed Green Tea with Fresh Lemon for Elevated Pain Relief: Fresh brewed green tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold, and is a natural anti-inflammatory proven to help cut your risk of achy muscles and joints by as much as 53%. (study proven dose is 3 cups daily) Now, food research has shown that adding a splash of fresh squeezed lemon to your fresh brewed green tea prevents your digestive tract from breaking down those anti-inflammatories, giving a natural boost to their effectiveness.

Sweet Potatoes and Black Pepper

Combine Sweet Potatoes with Black Pepper to Supercharge Germ Protection: Enjoying just 3 cups of sweet potatoes (not the same as yams) weekly can slash your risk of colds and flu by as much as 33%, due to the rich stores of immunity-boosting beta-carotene found in sweet potatoes. However, just by sprinkling on some fresh ground black pepper to your sweet potatoes, it boosts your body’s ability to absorb those powerful immune-boosting compounds by as much as 60%!

Natural nutrition and food pairing are nature’s very own way of ensuring optimal health and wellbeing.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews