Flavored Water Recipes

Flavored Water Recipes

Water should always be your most consumed beverage. In fact, for optimal health, weight maintenance and disease prevention, you should aim to drink 1/2 of your body weight in water each and every day. Now, so many people tell me that they don’t like to drink water because it has no flavor, and typically this is from people who’s taste buds have been corrupted by sugar and chemical additives from eating fast and processed foods. The cleaner your diet, the more you will truly enjoy a refreshing glass of plain water.

Now, that being said, flavoring water NATURALLY is easy and can impart your water with a wealth of nutrients from the fresh fruits, fresh veggies and fresh herbs that you infuse your water with. Naturally flavored waters are especially refreshing during the warm summer months, but can certainly be enjoyed any time of the year. And, if you’re trying to lose weight and / or cellulite, these easy flavored water recipes should definitely be your go-to beverage to assist your body with waste and toxin removal.

Muddle fruit for making flavored water

Tips for Making Delicious and Refreshing Naturally Flavored Water

1) Serve in well chilled glasses. (I always keep glasses in my freezer, so they’re readily chilled and available.)

2) Muddle the fruit, veggie or herbs before adding to water. This releases their natural juices and essential oils so much more than just dropping them into the water.

3) If time permits, make ahead of time and keep chilled in the fridge to really allow flavors and nutrients to fully permeate the water.

4) ALWAYS only use fresh ingredients. Do NOT use canned fruits or vegetables to make your water. And, the same goes for fresh herbs. ONLY use fresh herbs.

5) Always use filtered or distilled water, OR, you can even use mineral water such as Pellegrino or Perrier.

Strawberry Water

Great Single Ingredient Options for Making Naturally Flavored Water

Grapefruit (red is best)
Ginger Root
Fresh Mint Leaves
Fresh Lavender


Watermelon Mint Water

Great Naturally Flavored Water Ingredient Combinations

Ginger Root + Lime
Lemon + Lime
Watermelon + Lime
Raspberries + Lime
Strawberries + Lime
Cucumbers + Lime
Lemon + Orange
Lemon + Pineapple
Lemon + Raspberries
Lemon + Mint Leaves
Lemon + Fresh Lavender
Lemon + Lime + Pineapple
Orange + Lemon + Pineapple
Raspberries + Lemon + Mint Leaves
Watermelon + Lime + Mint Leaves
Kiwi + Strawberries + Pineapple

Of course, you can mix and match other fruits and veggies, as well as other fresh herbs, but these are my favorite single and multi-ingredient water additions to make. Make them by the glass, or by the pitcher, for easy and ready to drink naturally flavored water. You can also make these easy flavored water recipes the night before and keep chilled in a thermos for you to grab and take with you to work or school the next day.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews