Celebrity Vegetarians

Here’s a partial (yet growing) list of your favorite celebrity vegetarians.

Alanis Morissette (singer-musician)

Alan Cumming (actor)

Alec Baldwin (actor)

Alicia Silverstone (actor)

Ally Sheedy (actor)

Andre 3000 (singer)

Angela Bassett (actor)

Anne Hathaway (actor)

Ashley Judd (actor)

Bernadette Peters (singer-actor-entertainer)

Billy Idol (singer-musician)

Bob Dylan (singer-musician)

Bonnie Raitt (singer-musician)

Brad Pitt (actor)

Carrie Underwood (singer)

Casey Affleck (actor)

Chelsea Clinton (former first daughter to President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton)

Chris Martin (singer-musician)

Chris Pontius (tv personality)

Christian Bale (actor)

Christina Applegate (actor)

Cicely Tyson (actor-entertainer)

Claudia Schiffer (model)

Common (rapper, songwriter, actor)

Dan Castellaneta (actor-voice personality-comedian)

Darryl Hannah (actor)

David Duchovny (actor)

Deepak Chopra (doctor-author-speaker)

Diane Keaton (actor)

Dustin Hoffman (actor-director)

Dyan Cannon (actor-entertainer)

Ed Beagley Jr (actor)

Ellen Degeneres (tv personality-comedian)

Elvira ‘Mistress of the Dark’ (tv personality)

Eric Roberts (actor)

Erykah Badu (singer, songwriter, actress)

Ian McKellen (actor)

Jamie Kennedy (actor-tv personality)

Jamie Lee Curtis (actor)

Jim Carrey (actor)

Jenny McCarthy (actor)

Joan Jett (singer-musician)

Joaquin Phoenix (actor)

John Cleese (actor-comedian)

Julianna Margulies (actor)

K.D. Lang (singer-musician)

Kate Winslet (actor)

Kim Basinger (actor)

Larry Hagman (actor)

LaToya Jackson (singer)

Lady Bunny (drag queen entertainer)

Lisa Bonet (actor)

Lynda Carter (actor-author)

Mary Tyler Moore (actor-entertainer-activist)

Melanie Griffith (actor)

Meredith Baxter (actor-author)

Michael Bolton (singer-musician)

Natalie Portman (actor)

Oliver Stone (movie director)

Orlando Jones (actor)


Ozzie Osbourne (singer-musician)…yes, Ozzie became a vegetarian in 2011

Peter Gabriel (singer-musician)

Pink (singer-musician)

Prince (singer-musician-songwriter)

Ricki Lake (tv personality-actor)

Sandra Bernhard (actor-comedian)

Seal (singer)

Shania Twain (singer-musician)

Toby Maguire (actor)

Tommy Lee (singer-musician)

Vanna White (tv personality)

Woody Harrelson (actor)

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