Can Grapefruit Really Help You Lose Weight

grapefruit diet

Weight loss products abound, most of them are in the form of dangerous diet pills, some are natural supplements (much better and safer option), and yet people constantly overlook what Mother Nature supplies as some of the most natural and the safest ways available to lose weight and cellulite and maintain a healthy weight set-point.

One of the most popular of diets that has stood the test of time is the “grapefruit diet”. While there have been many variations to the diet plan itself, the main factor that instigates healthy and steady weight loss in individuals who try it, is the plain and simple consumption of grapefruit. That’s right, the weight loss benefits all come from the fruit itself.

The strictest version of the diet involves eating only 500 calories a day, while the loosest version involves eating anything you want as long as you include grapefruit before every meal. While I endorse neither version, I do endorse the fact that grapefruit is not only a super healthy fruit option, even for diabetics, it actually IS quite proven for its weight loss properties.










Eating Grapefruit Shifts the Body Into Fat Burning Mode

While still not fully understood by scientists, human liver cells respond¬† dramatically to a compound found in grapefruit called ‘naringenin’, causing a significant increase in fat metabolism in the human body. During the multitude of food studies conducted, it was found that one of the many cellular reactions within the body was to turn “off”¬† the genes responsible for manufacturing new fat, while at the same time genes that use stored fat for energy were turned “on”. So significant are the results, that regularly consuming fresh grapefruit can even help reverse high cholesterol, reverse a fatty liver and reduce and reverse insulin resistance in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Scientists also pinpointed that the same naringenin compound blocks an enzyme within fat tissue that converts cortisone into the stress hormone cortisol, a hormone commonly responsible for a fatty mid-section (stomach region). Studies conducted with people consuming grapefruit before meals found that they effectively lost 5 times more weight than those who didn’t consume the fruit, with a marked decrease in both belly fat and liver fat.

Fresh vs. Juice vs. Supplement

Studies showed that positive results were found in eating the fruit whole, in drinking fresh squeezed juice and with a supplement, yet with a much higher success rate found in those who consumed the fruit whole, followed by fresh squeezed juice and then supplements. Consuming fresh grapefruit resulted in 5 times increase in weight loss, while grapefruit supplements resulted in about 3 times increase in weight loss.

*All varieties of grapefruit were found to bring these positive results, but if you consume medications for health reasons, grapefruit (in ANY form) can cause drug interaction and reactions, so ALWAYS check with your healthcare professional before mixing your medications with grapefruit.

*The best time to consume the fruit (1/2 of a medium sized grapefruit), juice or supplement is 20-30 minutes before each meal.

*Try to keep as much of the pith intact when you peel fresh grapefruit (the white inner skin just beneath the peel), as many additional weight slimming, metabolism-boosting compounds are also found in the pith.

So, to answer the question…..”Can grapefruit really help you lose weight?”….the answer is “yes”! Remember, always check with your doctor before mixing grapefruit and medications, and try to choose fresh over supplements as much as you can.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews