6 Healthy Ways to Ramp up Your Metabolism for Those Over 40

While it’s true that your metabolism slows down after 25, and significantly more so after the age of 40, you can fight back with a few simple diet and exercise changes.  These metabolism boosting tips will help you break through weight loss plateaus and lose weight and melt fat faster than ever before.

Drink Green Tea 30-60 Minutes Before A Meal

Dieters who drink green tea 30-60 minutes before every meal, lose twice as much weight as those who go tea-free.  Green tea’s polyphenols boost brain levels of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that keeps resting metabolic rate high, so you burn more calories even when your just sitting on the couch watching a movie.

Eat Breakfast Within 1 Hour Of Waking Up                       

Simply putting food in your mouth first thing in the morning increases your metabolism by 30% for several hours.  And you want to do this within an hour of waking up.  Breaking your overnight “fast” convinces your body that food is plentiful, so it doesn’t feel the need to store calories as fat, and burns them as fuel instead.  AND, if at all possible, eat your breakfast by a window.  Absorbing 15 minutes of morning sunlight stimulates skin cells to make vitamin D, a nutrient needed by your thyroid to produce metabolism-regulating hormones.

Take in Adequate Amounts of Essential Fatty Acids

Consuming a minimum of 3,000 mg of essential fatty acids daily, helps people shed twice as much body fat over those who don’t.  Harvard researchers discovered that Omega-3 fatty acids stimulate the secretion of leptin, a hormone that makes it easier for your body to convert stored fat into energy, a key to keeping your metabolism running at peak efficiency.  Vegetarian sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids include flaxseed, chia seeds, wheat germ, hemp seed, perilla oil, cauliflower, hummus, Brussels sprouts, eggs, raw nuts and seeds, wild caught fish and organic canola oil.

Melt Fat With Muscles

Don’t panic, it’s not as strenuous as it may sound.  All you have to do is fit in 1 hour of light weightlifting a week (that’s 10 minutes a day – with a day off), and you’ll significantly raise your production of human growth hormone (HGH).  The results?  Lose up to 18 excess pounds within 6 months and, much of it belly fat!

Ramp-Up The Protein

Vegetarians can crank-up their metabolism by including 2-1/2 ounces of high-quality protein with every meal.  Some healthy examples include organic tofu and soybean products, wild caught fish, organic eggs, beans and legumes, quinoa and whole grains, nuts and nut butters.  Ramping-up with quality portion-controlled protein increases your metabolism for at least 2 hours after eating, because it takes more energy to digest protein, than it does for carbohydrates.  This quality protein will also help you to maintain muscle mass, thus preventing muscle wasting and strength loss.  And, as was just mentioned, more muscle means more fat burn, even at rest.

Don’t Skimp On Sleep

Struggling along on too-little sleep results in a 40% increase in blood levels of cortisol, a powerful stress hormone proven to slow metabolism, plus trigger a 33% increase in hunger pangs and cravings.  Strive for getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night.

Don’t let age or level of fitness stop you from realizing your ideal weight and weight-loss goals.  Ramp-up your metabolism with these easy-to-do strategies, and don’t put off what you can easily start today.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina ‘The Veggie Goddess’ Matthews

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