Benefits of Juicing

Regularly consuming fresh juice has a multitude of health benefits.  And, while it does require a little bit of effort to make your own juices, it is very much worth that effort, and the benefits sustained include weight loss, rejuvenated skin, alkalizing your body to a more optimal pH levels, detoxification of your liver, cleansing your blood, and so much more.  While many a book has been written on the subject of juicing, and you are encouraged to research them, below are a few of the basic, but fundamental juicing benefits.

Additive Free

When you make your own fresh juice using organic produce, it is a pure beverage that contains no harmful chemicals, artificial preservatives or any added sugars or sweeteners. These toxic add-ons may increase the shelf-life of a product, but they most certainly do not increase your health or life span.  In addition, ALL processed fruit and vegetable juices, undergo a pasteurization process that effectively destroys all of the juice’s live enzymes, as well as much of its vitamin and mineral content, making these store bought juices pretty much worthless, because, this is where all the health benefits come.

Digestion Aid

When you make fresh juice, the end product is a pulp-free, nutrient-dense health cocktail that gets into our system quickly. In fact, it’s one of the most efficient ways for the human body to absorb nutrients, since the juice does not have to be broken down through the entire digestion process. If you have digestive disorders, a congested liver, weight gain that won’t budge, and unresolving skin disorders, you will be surprised at how quickly you can remedy these conditions by regularly drinking freshly made juices.  And, for people who wear dentures, and have a hard time eating crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables, consuming fresh juices will ensure that your body is not starving of vital nutrients.


The truth is, most people do not consume their daily minimum requirement of fruits and vegetables.  And, while it may be more difficult for you to eat two apples, a cup of broccoli, a few carrots, a handful of chopped pepper and celery daily, it’s incredibly easy to get all of this and more, by drinking some freshly made juice daily.


Juicing for better health is a very good idea. You eliminate taking in unnecessary food additives, added sugars and harmful sweeteners. Juicing has enormous whole body detoxification benefits, including benefits for your liver, blood and skin.  It is also easier for your body to absorb nutrients by consuming freshly prepared juices, and provides a surefire means for acquiring adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, especially for those who have limitations in eating fruits and vegetables in their whole form.  Juicing is simple to do, and quite simply, is a very easy way to help you achieve a more balanced and healthier diet.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina ‘The Veggie Goddess’ Matthews

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