Asian Weight Loss Secrets

The Asian culture typically doesn’t have a problem with obesity, unless they take on the typical Western diet and lifestyle.  Their lifestyle and eating habits, help to keep their bodies in a constant state of well-being, and their weight at a natural and healthy ‘set-point’.  In fact, Asian cultures have some of the longest life spans, as well as the slimmest and healthiest people in the populated world.  What the rest of the world might call ‘Asian weight loss secrets’, to them, these daily habits are just a way of life….a very healthy life, that is.

Soup and Weight Loss – Most meals in Asian culture start with a cup or bowl of a broth-based soup.  Weight loss studies have shown, that eating a small cup of soup before any meal, effortlessly reduces your meal’s overall calorie total by an average of 100-200 calories.  Soup not only fills you up quickly, its high water content helps to flush out trapped water weight and toxins.  For ultimate weight loss benefits, make sure you stick with broth-based and vegetable-based soups, and avoid those with a cream base.

Count to 10,000 – The Japanese wording ‘Manpo-Kei’, loosely translates to mean ‘count 10,000 steps a day’.  Walking an average of 10,000 steps a day, has shown to keep you naturally slim.  People in almost every other culture in the world, with the exception of America, do a lot of walking on a daily basis, which is why they don’t suffer the obesity epidemic that we see here in America.  No special equipment or terrain is necessary to gain weight loss benefits, you just simply walk.  Fast or slow, studies discovered that walking 10,000 steps a day means double the weight loss, even if you make no other changes to your diet or lifestyle.  Of course, you aren’t expected to manually count your steps, and, you can pick-up a pedometer for under $10.  Clip it on daily to your waistband, and keep on tracking, until you reach 10,000 steps a day.

Green Tea and Weight Loss – In addition to the long list of health benefits derived from drinking green tea, it’s also a proven weight loss aid as well.  No hype here, drinking 4-6 cups of FRESH green tea daily boosts metabolism by an average of 5%, helps prevent fat storage, flushes weight-storing toxins, AND, can reduce your overall calorie consumption by 50% or more within just a couple weeks, due to the powerful catechin compounds found in green tea.  The key is preparing and drinking only fresh brewed green tea, which can then be enjoyed hot or cold.  Processed bottled and canned green tea products, do not provide these same weight loss benefits.

Soy and Weight Loss – Most soy products are actually not healthy for you, and in fact, promote mucus-formation in the body.  One of the exceptions however, is Edamame, which are baby soybeans, and are a favorite ‘snack’ item in the Asian culture.  The unique combination of protein and phyto-estrogens found in Edamame, make it a great weight loss aid, by making you feel fuller faster, giving your metabolism a boost, and, blocking the the storage of new fat by up to 60%.  Look for non-GMO Edamame in your local health food and larger grocery chain stores.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina ‘The Veggie Goddess’ Matthews

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