Animal Rights Links

On this page, I will be listing crucial informational links that expose companies, entities and agencies that partake in animal abuse and animal testing, as well as highlighting those that support, protect and defend animal rights and well-being.

Ricki Rockett from the rock band Poison, has these sentiments to say about animals rights…

“If you don’t like my opinions leave. But just remember, the animals can’t leave the cages that hold them. They are captive and suffering. As you cozy into your bed tonight, try to imagine the pain and the suffering that they endure day after day and night after night. Next time you get some soap in your eyes, try to imagine that pain for 3 or 4 days at a time. Next time you have a stomach ache, try to imagine liquid plumber being poured down your throat till you puke so much blood that you bleed to death. Next time you bump your head, try to imagine being a monkey and getting a steel plate smashed into your skull at 50 miles per hour. Then, only then should you feel compelled to tell me that I’m wrong about my opinions. For all these things have happened in the name of science. They continue in abundance till this day.”
-Ricki Rockett


Here is a link from PETA, listing the companies that conduct animal testing for their products and services.  You can help support animal rights, be not purchasing products or services from these companies, as well as contact them with a respectful voice of concern via an email or letter.


Here is a link from PETA, highlighting the companies that DO NOT conduct animal testing on their products.  Help save an animal’s abuse, suffering and life, by supporting these animal-friendly companies.


Learn more about how you can help the ‘Best Friends Animal Society’.  You can volunteer your time at one of their sanctuaries, donate or help raise funds, or even just be an outspoken advocate for this wonderful resource for animals, their caregivers and their foster and new families.  They rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out cats, dogs, pigs, horses, sheep, birds, rabbits and other critters.  Regardless of where you live, there are volunteer programs for everyone. Find out more about this great organization here: