Agricultural Chemicals and the Dangers of Commercial Farming

When cultivating agricultural crops, agricultural chemicals are often used to prevent damage to crops by harmful insects.  However, “harmful insect” is a term made up by humans.  In the natural world, there is no such thing as an insect that causes harm.

Humans dislike it when insects get on their agricultural crops, but the truth is, whether harmful or helpful, insects add a certain nutrient to crops when they land on them.  That nutrient is chitin-chitosan.

Chitin-chitosan is found in the shells of crab and shrimp, but the hard shell covering insect’s bodies, is also formed from chitin-chitosan.  When insects land on plant leaves of crops, enzymes such as chitonase and chitinase get secreted from the leaves.  These enzymes allow the plants to absorb tiny amounts of chitin, about a nanogram or so, from the insect’s body, hands and feet, and use that as their own nutrient.

In this way, nutrients that plants absorb from insects contribute to the life of animals (including humans), that eat those plants.

However, this chain of nutrition is severed by agricultural chemicals.  Instead of the insect’s chitin-chitosan, the plants and vegetables absorb the agricultural chemicals used to repel insects, and in the end cause great harm to humans who eat those plants.

Additionally, agricultural chemicals rob the life of living things in the soil.  These living things are the source of energy for agricultural crops.  Farmlands periodically sprayed with agricultural chemicals, do not even have worms or good soil bacteria.  Since crops cannot grow on sterile land with no living energy, chemical fertilizers have to be used.  Crops can be grown with such chemical fertilizers, but they are deficient in flavor and nutritional value.  This is why nutrients found in agricultural crops are decreasing every year.

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Another hazard is created by the irrigation of crops.  Water for agricultural use is not sterilized, but is instead polluted by agricultural chemicals, river pollution and human sewage.  Plenty of water is needed to grow crops.  Toxins that enter the human body are, to a certain extent, excreted from the body by drinking water.  The same can be said of plants.  However, because the crop water that is supposed to excrete toxins from plants is polluted itself, it is inevitable that toxins will accumulate in the crops.

In the agricultural industry today, the priority is to produce foods that look nice rather than producing ones with nutritional value.  Vegetables grown in nature have insect holes in their leaves, or their shapes may be irregular, and in truth, they are not always the best looking vegetables.  BUT they possess living energy, and supply exceptional nutritional value.

Since you are getting your energy from the foods you eat, if the food itself does not contain any living energy, you can eat all the genetically modified and chemically sprayed produce you want, but you will never obtain good health from eating these types of food void of living energy.  A person who does not eat food grown in nature, cannot expect to have a healthy life in nature.  The food you eat everyday sustains your body, and the criteria used to choose that food, will be a determining factor in your state of health.

The good news is that a growing number of people are starting to use organic fertilizers and organic farming methods.  The cost of these products is certainly more than the cost for “normal” goods, but it comes at the price of your health.  It’s much cheaper than being sick and riddled with disease, and there is a great saying that will help remind you of that.  “You can pay the farmer now, or your doctor, hospital and mortuary later.”

Life is sustained only by living food, with living energy.  Crops with living energy can only be produced on land that possesses living energy.  If the soil bacteria are healthy, then the vegetables and fruits will also grow in a healthy way.  Foods raised in a healthy way will make human intestinal bacteria healthy as well.

Living Energy Soil = Living Energy Crops = Healthy Living

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina ‘The Veggie Goddess’ Matthews