Affordable Option for Everyone to Get Natural and Organic Food Delivered Straight to Your Door


If you’re struggling to find better opportunities to obtain quality natural and organic food that is both convenient and cost efficient, I have come across a great solution that can benefit you and your family. If you live in the U.S., there is now a viable, delivered-right-to-your-front-door food delivery option (natural, organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, and more) that is affordable for everyone…..yes, everyone!

I’m a huge promoter of buying local as much as you can, as well as buying natural and organic as much as you can. I often get emails from readers asking for options if they can’t afford better quality ingredients, don’t have resources within a reasonable distance, or their schedule is extremely demanding and makes it hard for them to make the effort to seek out alternative options. So, I did some extensive research and came across a company located in Utah called Green Polka Dot Box. Unusual name, I know, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

First off, I spoke personally with one of their staff, and believe me, I asked a lot of questions. Ok, everything was good so far, so I went ahead and made a $150 spend on items I would normally buy from my two usual natural market stores. I was incredibly pleased to say that my ordered was at my doorstep in 2 days, packed so well that not a single item was crushed, or damaged in any way.


Very diverse selection of items that you would typically find at a natural food market.

About 80% of the items were below what I would normally pay for the same at my local natural markets, and 20% were about the same. Therefore, a definite savings in hard earned money.

Fast delivery. Average 2 day delivery if you live on the west coast and average 3-4 day delivery if you live on the east coast.

You do NOT have to buy anything in bulk. Absolutely anything can be purchased in single quantity, without loss of savings.

Free shipping for any order over $75. This is well below what most people spend on a grocery store run, so you’ll never have to worry about your cost savings being “eaten up” by shipping charges.


They have a selection of cold food items as well, but these are delivered only to the west coast zip codes due to the need for special packaging and ensuring that these cold food items are kept frozen or cold. Really not a con, only that east coast residence won’t be able to take advantage of their cold food items available.

If your purchase if below $75, you pay a flat rate $9.95 shipping fee regardless of weight or volume. Very reasonable fee, yet if you are only needing to buy a few items I recommend just buying locally. Better yet, just take advantage of the free shipping buy doing a $75 or more spend. Well worth it.

How does the Green Polka Dot Box company work?

* Green Polka Dot Box works a bit like a Costco membership, except it’s a onetime membership fee. Membership is only $49 and offers you a savings that in my opinion is VERY, VERY worth it (remember, I already did a personal test drive). Not only in savings at the cash register, but savings in gas since you won’t need to drive to the store, and savings in the time you’ll save.

* Green Polka Dot Box offers organic foods, natural foods, GMO-free foods, gluten-free foods and even has a selection of personal care and pet care, as well as a growing selection of non-food items to shop from.

* FREE shipping on any and every order of $75 or more.

* You can take a one-time test shop without purchasing a membership. You’ll just pay for shipping and handling ($9.95).

* They have a constant “close out” selection and weekly “promotions” selection of items to shop from, and those savings are in ADDITION to the already listed mark down prices.

* Dry and cold food and non-food items, very well packaged to ensure your items arrive undamaged.

This is the first time I’ve ever officially endorsed a product or company, and I feel very comfortable doing so with Green Polka Dot Box. They are a very conscientious company offering natural, organic products at an affordable price right to your doorstep. It really doesn’t get any better than that. To shop from Green Polka Dot Box, click here or on the banner above. If you purchase a membership, you’ll get an immediate $10 OFF.  If you purchase via the banner above using the promo code, you’ll receive $15 OFF. And, you can always take them for a test spin without a membership, just pay the $9.95 shipping cost. Veggie Goddess gives Green Polka Dot Box an A+ rating in reputation, quality, service and selection.

Bon Veggie Appetit!

Gina “The Veggie Goddess” Matthews