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3 Healthy Homemade Condiment Recipes (chemical and artificial ingredient-free)

homemade condiments

Most household fridges contain an assortment of condiments; ketchups, mustards, mayos, dressings and sauces of various kinds. While convenient, they are unfortunately loaded with chemicals to sustain their shelf life and a plethora of artificial ingredients. But, making your own homemade condiments is not only easy peasy, it’s also so much healthier than their store bought counterparts, and in my opinion, much tastier too.

Below you’ll find 3 easy DIY condiment recipes that you can whip up in just minutes.

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How to Make Coffee Healthy


how to keep your morning coffee healthy

Many people ask, can drinking coffee be healthy? The answer, “yes”. Just as with drinking alcohol, you only want to consume coffee in moderation, and, ONLY drink organic coffee. Non-organic, commercially processed coffee is sprayed with more pesticides and chemicals than any other food product. Which means that with every cup you drink, you are pouring a boat load of toxic chemicals into your body, which forces your body to hold on to fat stores to protect your from all the many harmful effects of over-toxicity.

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Top 12 Processed Foods That Contain the Most GMO’s


Top 12 GMO foods

These days, the decline of our commercial food system has reached new lows and unless you are purchasing “certified USDA organic” food products,  you can bet that your purchasing and consuming GMO ingredient-laden food items. While not every ingredient may be GMO, every single one of these commercially prepared products is made with base ingredients that are genetically engineered.

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The 6 Worst “Natural” Ingredients

when natural isnt

(article by Emily Main of Rodale News)

They may sound healthy and “all-natural,” but you don’t want any of these ingredients in your grocery cart.

Why “Natural” Isn’t

If you saw “poison ivy” listed as an ingredient in your favorite salad mix, would you eat it? Probably not. But poison ivy is natural, right? Who cares if it gives you a heinous rash and makes you miserable? The food industry might as well apply the same logic to all the other so-called “natural” ingredients it tries to sneak into processed foods. Ingredients made from seaweed, palm trees, and fruit juice may have a healthy halo, but they actually come with more health risks than benefits—no matter how natural they sound.

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Quick Reference Nut Guide

healthiest nuts

Avoiding fats is dangerous to your health. You health is severely compromised when your body does not consume enough essential fatty acids (healthy fats), and unlike trans fats, essential fatty acids are necessary for healthy body functions, are easily broken down in the body and they do not readily stimulate weight gain like trans fats do.

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Addicted to Processed Foods? Video Collection Every Junk Food Junkie Should See!



processed foods and health

Processed foods and fast foods are primarily lab-made concoctions posing as actual food products. The result of regularly eating either is a guaranteed plethora of health maladies, both physical and mental AND with permanent change and damage to one’s actual DNA structure. While many people know this, at least to varying degrees, sometimes it takes the shock value of actually SEEING what you are really eating, and SEEING what is really happening to your body.

Chemicals; Pesticides; GMO’s; Artificial Ingredients all have a very real affect on your health and wellbeing. Below is a collection of short videos that show you just how negative those effects are and why nature made food is always your best option.

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Gluten Sensitive? 7 Hidden Sources of Gluten


7 hidden sources of gluten

Whether you are confirmed gluten intolerant, or just trying to avoid gluten as much as possible and you’re still experiencing unpleasant symptoms, the source could be one of the following 7 sneaky sources of gluten that most people don’t know about. Sure, you avoid the obvious, gluten-free breads, gluten-free flours, gluten-free pastas, gluten-free baked goods, BUT, the commercial food industry uses “fillers” in many commercially prepared food products that contain gluten. AND, they aren’t necessarily listed on the food labels (no surprise).

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Did You Just Burn Dinner? 5 Steps on How to Save Burnt Food


how to save burnt food

So, you’ve just finished putting together that yummy casserole, delicious stew, or other dish and then got either got distracted doing other things, or forgot to check on the oven or stove top temperature, or forgot to stir frequently as the recipe recommended, and now you have an overcooked burnt dish. Now what? Well, don’t despair just yet. There are steps you can take to save burnt food and still come out with an edible dish.

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20 Easy Cooking Hacks


20 Easy Cooking Hacks

If you’re a reader of mine, you know how  I love simplicity. So, whether cooking, prepping or storing food, simple and easy for all levels of kitchen expertise is what I strive for. Too many cooks get discouraged when even the simplest of dishes comes out not quite the way they had anticipated, so below are 20 cooking hacks to help you make superstar dishes each and every time.

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