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5 Foods That Lower and Stabilize Blood Sugar

lower blood sugar

Keeping one’s blood sugar balanced is imperative to one’s health, weight and prevention of many dangerous health conditions. Chronically high blood sugar causes systemic inflammation and scarring of body tissues, substantially increasing one’s likelihood of developing diabetes, nerve damage, eye damage, heart disease and more, and goes hand-in-hand with weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

Keep reading to see which healthy foods work overtime to lower and keep your blood sugar levels stabilized for optimal health, wellbeing and healthy weight maintenance.

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GMO Dangers That Threaten an Entire Population (video)

gmo dangers

While more and more people are awakening to the catastrophic long-term dangers of processed foods, fast foods and GMO’s, I’m still admittedly slightly astounded that there are people who disregard the long-term dangers of ingesting these so-called “foods”. Just because something doesn’t kill or inju you immediately, doesn’t mean it is okay to consume or use, which is most likely why people don’t associate a good portion of their health problems with their unhealthy diet. Our bodies are NOT designed to consume chemicals and lab-made ingredients. Try as one may, and as many a commercial food manufacture has, it is NOT okay to eat in moderation because slowly but surely the negative effects will ring their bell, resulting in health, mind and emotional disturbances in the body.

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How to Outsmart Modern Wheat and Gluten Intolerance

modern wheat

(article by Alex Pietrowski –

There’s no doubt about it – modern wheat is quickly becoming the new high-fructose corn syrup and a menace to wellness. Gluten found in modern wheat has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, ADHD, psoriasis, poor gut health, depression, and multiple sclerosis, and is not tolerated by people with celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and wheat allergy. Some also attribute many other adverse health effects to modern wheat, such as “neurological impairment, dementia, heart disease, cataracts, diabetes, arthritis and visceral fat accumulation,” in addition to a full range of intolerances.

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The “Certified Organic” Deception


(article by Samantha Sargent)

Natural and organic cosmetics and skin care products are becoming more and more popular, as more of us are addressing our state of wellbeing. Whilst I feel this is a wonderful shift in culture, it can also be quite confronting, confusing and deceiving. If you have recently jumped on the wellness train, and gone through the process of detoxing your bathroom cabinet, then it’s highly likely you’ve come across words such as organic, natural, biodynamic, certified organic, vegan, wild crafted and naturally derived.

But, what do all these words mean?

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Apple Cider Vinegar – One of the Most Powerful Health Tonics in Your Kitchen

apple cider vinegar with the mother

(article by John Summerly –

The question is not what Apple Cider Vinegar can do, but what can’t it do. As a folk remedy, it has been credited with curing everything from the flu to warts or sunburn to dandruff. However, it also can help reverse many serious diseases that many would immediately turn to medications to solve. Here are 8 more reasons this powerful health tonic makes your kitchen your best pharmacy.

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This is Why You Should Throw Out Your Teflon Pans


teflon kills

(article by

There’s a killer lurking in your kitchen….
At least, there is if you cook with non stick Teflon cookware. Teflon cookware, when heated to high temperature (when cooking, for example) can release fumes that are harmful to humans and lethal to pet birds. Canaries were used in coal mines to determine air quality – if they couldn’t breathe or died suddenly, miners knew that the air quality was hazardous and they needed to exit immediately. Every year, hundreds of pet birds, however, keel over and are rushed to the vet. The cause of death is the same in every case – Teflon toxicity.

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6 Amazing Foods That Will Flush Nicotine From Your Body

foods that flush nicotine

(article by Healthy Foods House)

Smoking is harmful for the health. We are all aware of this, but for some it is quite difficult to break this habit. Nicotine causes rapid increase of the blood pressure and serious damage to the lungs. Moreover, even if you stop smoking, the effect of nicotine will last for years.

Healthy foods and lifestyle changes can help you eliminate the nicotine from your body.

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Delicious Autumn Goodness with Squashes


The autumn season means cooler temperatures and heartier meals. Mother Nature in all her wisdom, has seasonal foods for a reason, and that reason is have natural harvest cycles of produce that  support our bodies, health and wellbeing during the various cooler, cold, warm and hot seasons. In the present autumn season, our bodies start to naturally crave heartier and more warming foods, and squashes are a great addition to your fall and winter menu plans.

Brimming with nutrients, both the meat and seeds of squashes offer delicious and nutritious meal options the whole family will enjoy.

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400 Companies That Do NOT USE Any GMO Ingredients

It’s harder and harder these days to find quality natural, GMO food products, especially with the ever growing methods of deceitful advertising, marketing and food package labeling tactics. No wonder consumers are hard pressed to find healthier food choices for their family. To help make this step a little bit easier for those conscientious about the food they put in their body, below is a list of 400 companies that do not use any GMO ingredients in their food products. This is definitely a list you’ll want to print and keep for easy reference.

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